Community Development Project


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bringing Skateboarding to Sierra Leone

Help fund the skatepark construction!

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Expand the scene by donating equipment!


Skateboarding Association

What is the project?

- To build the first skatepark in Sierra Leone on land gifted by the people of Makomp Village 

To bring skateboards, roller skates and other equipment to the teams in Makomp and Freetown (the capital)

- To train and develop the skills of the local riders and their coaches

-  To make Makomp the skateboarding hub of Sierra Leone where teams from Freetown and other cities can visit for training, competitions and events

- To create the first community in West Africa where the children of the village can grow up learning to skate!

- To promote interest to the village of Makomp and boost visitors to support the locals and their economy

Help us build the skatepark and create the first skate community in West Africa!