- 'place of the palm trees'

Makomp is a small village located in the Port Loko District of Sierra Leone. It was occupied by rebels and devastated during the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991 - 2002), and in more recent times was one of the worst affected areas of the Ebola outbreak (2014) with many of it's inhabitants tragically falling victim to the virus. Several years on the village is recovering but with the local iron mines only just starting to re-open since Ebola, the local economy is damaged and the village remains very poor.


One of three roads into Makomp Village

We are aiming to develop a community area in Makomp village to try help provide income opportunities, boost the local economy and provide activities and health promotion for the community!!

The village elders and landowners have provided 20 acres of land for development upon which the first stages of this will include a skate park, education centre (hosting e.g. anti-FGM workshops, workshops about the importance of the environment and a space to study) and the planting of trees and vegetation at the bottom of the land