We want to plant trees and create a bio-diverse area to help maintain water all year round in the swamp at the bottom of the land.

There are a few wells supplying ground water in Makomp, however during the peak of the dry season (February - April) these wells often dry up forcing the people of Makomp to search for water elsewhere. Nearby the village there is a swamp where people collect water for the day in the early morning hours. However due to extreme deforestation for farm land the swamp is no longer sustained throughout the year. 


This can be restored. After planting a diverse variety of trees and other plants, the swamp will be helped to be maintained and it will become easier to find water. In addition, the area will become a new ecosystem where the plants and animals, including monkeys, will be safe from hunting and other human abuse. 

The education centre will be able to host workshops regarding the importance of the environment, maintaining a clean environment, biodiversity and nature hosted by The Cotton Tree Foundation.

Brushing (clearing) the land for the skatepark

Plastics Collection & Clean Up

There is a significant amount of plastic and rubbish strewn everywhere across Sierra Leone with no proper refuse system outside of the major cities (where once a month nobody is allowed to leave the house before midday whilst they attempt a clean up).


Makomp is no exception where the potential for beauty is sadly minimised by the constant presence of plastic and waste everywhere.


We want to clean up Makomp by implementing a system whereby we provide a bag (e.g. an old rice bag) and grabber to whoever wishes to go around collecting plastic and rubbish. When the bag is full they bring it to the rubbish centre (in one corner of the land) in return for some small money. This encourages people to want to participate and provides a small source of money, for example to buy food for the day, for anyone from old to young. One particular size of bag will be used to keep the system fair and equal opportunity for all. 


Very quickly Makomp will be clean and remain clean.

The rubbish will be disposed of properly and in the future we hope to be able to find creative ways to recycle the plastics for example creating products such as key rings and other items to sell at the skate park to visitors, using the plastics to create bricks for driveways and houses (a project currently being trialled by The Cotton Tree Foundation) and even to one day generate energy.

(If anyone has further experience or knowledge within these fields please get in contact!)