Skateboarding in Sierra Leone

Skateboarding is rapidly gaining popularity across Africa, from the newly built parks in Kenya and Uganda, to the exponentially expanding group of skaters in Ghana. Although equipment and opportunities are still difficult in these countries, there are organisations supporting the scenes allowing for rapid development! Sierra Leone currently has no such support and despite having an equally enthusiastic body of skateboarders, they are severely lacking the possibilities to skate!

Currently, there are just a smattering of skateboards across the country with the highest density of boards (approx. 10) located in Freetown, the capital. These boards are mostly damaged children's boards that have made their way to the country on container ships containing random cargo for auction and are shared between several skaters. The number of enthusiastic skateboarders in Sierra Leone far outweighs the number of ride-able boards making it very difficult to progress!

So far, most of the existing skateboarders consist of members of a roller ball team (a sport that combines roller skating, basketball and handball), headed by Noel Williams, a pastor looking to develop the sport and introduce skateboarding to his team as well. However the lack of proper skateboarding equipment makes this transition currently impossible. 

The only other skateboarders in Sierra Leone are based in Makomp, sharing the 3 skateboards left from a previous visit, however with the grain store being the only current skate-able surface, these skaters are highly anticipating the development of the Makomp skate park! 

We are looking to collect as much skateboarding and roller skate equipment as possible for both the team in Makomp (lead by Ishmael Mansaray) and the team in Freetown (lead by Pastor Noel Williams)!!

If you have any kind of skate related equipment you could donate please contact Kubii on Whatsapp +23350318284, by Email at or on Instagram @kojokubii to make arrangements! Tenki!

skating at event freetown.jpg

Skate display in Aberdeen, Freetown

freetown skate crew.jpg

The national roller ball and skateboarding team, lead by Pastor Noel Williams

alhassan skate lessons.jpg

Alhassan learning to ollie

skate training.jpg

Skate training at the National Stadium in Freetown with one board shared between many


Freetown, Capital of Sierra Leone