The Project in Makomp

We are building a skatepark!

The first of its kind in Sierra Leone and West Africa as a whole to encourage development of this activity and to encourage sport participation from both males and females alike! 


                                                    With the provision of equipment and a space to                                                       practice, the youth of Makomp will be able to                                                          play and learn an activity previously completely                                                      inaccessible to them.


To start we are constructing a relatively small skate area (10m x 20m) with a few basic beginner level obstacles such as a box, ledge, rails, a two level mini-ramp and a bowl. This will provide a spot where skaters can actually roll and practice which had previously not been possible except for in the small grain store...which is needed for storing grain! 


We hope to gain support and form a partnership with an international skate charity/park building team with experience who can come and help expand the skate park professionally! The park we envision will have several sections giving freedom to skate street or transition, as well ride other park sport equipment such as BMX!


Skateboarding has no gender limitation and can be enjoyed by everyone together! We want to actively encourage female participation in skateboarding and support breaking down perceived gender roles and stereotypes against women wanting to take part in sport!


The children of Makomp will grow up skateboarding, establishing the first 'skate village' in Africa! Over time we hope this will attract external interest to the village as local skateboarders from Freetown and travelling foreigners will hear about the niche skate village in the provinces and come to visit this unique spot. Visitors will be hungry, thirsty, in need of accommodation and interested in local produce, providing new significant income opportunities to the people of Makomp.

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Skateboarding Association

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Team leader, Ishmael Mansaray, giving skate lessons in the grain store at Makomp